Will 5 November 2011 be end of Facebook

Well Learn Hacking might not me the first one to discuss this topic , Many of you might be aware of the news , and many more might not be knowing about it.
I am pretty sure almost everyone who is in the field of computer security or Forensics are aware of the Anonymous Group.
If not , then just Google about about them , you will be getting loads and loads of information about them.

They are a very powerful team of hackers who work anonymously and are responsible for hacking many big security agensies ( and much much more) across the world.
Whether they are good or bad, that’s upto you to decide on reading about them.:)

Well now back to the news, they have left a video on YouTube stating that they are going to take down Facebook on November 5 , 2011.
Well there is no doubt about the knowledge and power of Anonymous ( They are really good at their job) , and we can’t even doubt the potential and intelligence of the Facebook team.
Well Who wins the battle is hard to predict.

Till then, have a look at the video anonymous left on youtube and do post your comments stating what you think about this.



I am sure, this is quite a news for many of you.
Do Leave your comments and do share your opinions about this.

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