What is Batch Programming and need for it

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that I am going to start with Batch Programming week, I am exactly doing the same. From now on I am going to write a new post on Batch Programming in every 2-3 days so stay connected , stay updated and read all the material in continuity to get the most out of it.

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Batch Programming :-

Batch file programming

is nothing but a batch of DOS ( Disk Operating System ) commands, hence the name Batch programming . If you are into coding and know many languages you might have noticed that Operating System ( OS ) specific languages ( languages that work only on a particular operating system, eg: Visual Basic Scripting works only in Windows ) give you amazing control over the system. This is why Batch is so powerful, it gives you absolute control over DOS. Batch isn’t often used because it is OS specific, but it is fun and easy to learn. A well-conceived batch file is just the thing to automate the job you want to do.

Batch Files are stored with .bat extension.

To create a batch file follow the following steps..

1) Goto-> Notepad

2) Type Whatever you want ( the code you want to enter)

3) Goto-> Save as

4) Change the file type to all files and folder

5) name the file as anything you want with the extension .bat ,For eg…(“learnhacking.bat”)

I know this was not enough. But this was just the introduction part for beginners. I am sure it might have helped atleast someone. In My next post we will discuss various batch commands and code our first BATCH PROGRAM.

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  1. blab

    Jan 13. 2013

    What are the languages needed for hacking?I know C++ programming would that be enough?

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