What is a Hardware Keylogger | How Hardware Keylogger works

What is a Hardware Keylogger and how Hardware Keylogger works.

Hey Hackers! in this post of Learn Hacking, we are going to tell you about Hardware Keylogger. You all might already know about what is a keylogger.

If you are new to the term keylogger, you may read more about What is a Keylogger and How keylogger Works Here.

Now we are going to tell you What is a Hardware Keylogger and How a Hardware keylogger works.

Here is what a Hardware Keylogger Looks like.

A Hardware Keylogger is nothing but a programmed chip (Mostly in assembly Language), so as to capture all the keystrokes and save them in its internal memory. The keylogger can then be taken out and all the stored information can easily be assessed by the hacker. Hardware Keylogger are most commonly used in cyber cafe’s and other public places where a lot of people come and access the internet. Beware of such places.

Always check the keyboard connectors before accessing internet at such places. Hardware Keylogger are extremely powerful and effective and if they are actually installed on any machine and you use it, there is 99.9% chance of you getting hacked.

How can it affect you. Imagine you going to a cyber cafe and make a bank transaction just to pay your bills. No sooner you enter your login detail, the hardware keylogger will save the keystrokes. Some advance hardware keyloggers might also take screenshots at regular interval so that the hacker knows the login details are for which website or webpage.

Once the hacker has all this information in the Hardware Keylogger, imaging what all can he do when he access that information. And this is just a small example. There is much more damage one can do with a hardware keylogger.

Prevention: To secure yourself from such attack, there is only one way. Check the hardware of the computer you use at public places and even your personal computer if your friends come to your place often. Who knows who might attach the hardware keylogger in your machine.

Now that you know What is a hardware keylogger and How Hardware Keylogger works, share this information with your friends and protect them from getting hacked by the black hat hackers now.

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  1. Savsal14

    Sep 14. 2012

    I think you should add where can we buy that kind of keyloggers

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  2. Sayed Taqui

    Nov 09. 2012

    Can it be detected by any antivirus software? , and Savsal’s question is valid, where do you buy it from?

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  3. Mohd Anas Khan

    Oct 29. 2013

    one can bypass keylogging by just entering the confidential login credentials using on-screen keyboard, this way the key strokes are not logged.

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