What does 2013 have in store for Learn Hacking

With the year 2013 coming and planet not ending (after all the rumors they spread about world ending on Dec 21, 2012) we can actually plan something big for Learn Hacking. So how is Learn Hacking going to make it big in 2013?

Learn Hacking | Learn Ethical Hacking | Learn How to Hack

Learn Hacking | Learn Ethical Hacking | Learn How to Hack

Here you go. Firstly we have become official online partner of one very big online Ethical Hacking book which is going to be launched by January 2013 end, and when I say its big; I really mean it. Its going to be one of the best Ethical Hacking guide out there. There are many people out there who want to learn hacking but don’t even know where to start with, this is the right place. There are  many books out there who claim to teach you hacking but hardly any of it does. But this ebook is going to have everything it takes to Learn Hacking like a pro. One thing that book claims is that after reading that ebook, if you are still not able to hack a site, they will offer you the complete money back! Now that’s impressive, isn’t it? More information will be provided soon.

Well what’s more? There is another starting coming up with the scope of becoming the biggest Ethical Hacking Certification exam online. You really need to hack a website to get the certificate from that Institute/company. They are giants and that can be judged from the fact that they are going to start their website on a single word domain related to hacking (there are limited options so you can make a guess if you want to). We have also managed to become the online partner of that startup. Learn Hacking team was actually very ecstatic to receive an email from the marketing head of that startup asking us to become their online partner. Even this startup would be launched by January end or February 2013 first week. So if you want to become a certified Ethical Hacker, show what you got. Hack a website (they will setup a target website for you) and get your certification and if you want to learn hacking from the pro, they have a dedicated team of hackers who would be more than happy to teach you the same and that too for a very small fee.

Other than out tie up, we have planned to make Learn Hacking the most popular Ethical Hacking website across the globe. Though we already rank among the top ranking ethical hacking websites of many countries but this is not all. We are growing for better. So Learn Hacking actually has a lot to offer this year with a lot of surprises. We aim to spread the message of ethical hacking and prepare hackers across the globe. Who knows learning from us, you could become the next biggest ethical hacker of the world.
Keep learning guys. And don’t forget to leave a comment on what else do you want us to write about on Learn Hacking.
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  1. Alwyn

    Feb 14. 2013

    Is the ebook available yet??

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  2. mike

    Nov 06. 2013

    i would like to know this also

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