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How to make your computer speak/talk whatever you type

Hey guyz Learn Hacking is back again with something new as usual. I hope you liked my Batch Programming Tutorial Series. Though its not over but right now I am going to make a post about something off topc. Apart from the Batch Programming ...Read More

Batch File That Pops up with repeating messages

Hey guyz I hope you are enjoying my Batch Programming Series. Before reading this post make sure you read my previous post you read my previous posts. You will get to know many posts about Batch Programmin. My first post What is Batch Programming ...Read More

Hack the Administrator Password in Windows

Almost everyone who is interested in Learning Hacking wants to learn to hack the Administrator Password. Infact this is the first thing they want to learn in hacking. As it is said, learning begins from home only, same is the case with hacking 😀 ...Read More