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What is Steganography | Ethical Hacking

Well today we are making the first post of “LEARN HACKING LEVEL 2”. The First topic we are going to discuss today is “STEGANOGRAPHY”. So what is Steganography? Before coming to the point let me tell you its history. You might have seen in ...Read More

How to know if the web server is Windows or Linux based

Hey Guys! today Learn Hacking has brought a pretty interesting topic for you. The topic itself is self explanatory :- How to know if the web server is Windows or Linux based Well This is something you won’t find on any other website. This ...Read More

How to Edit Text Style in FaceBook Chat

Hey guyz, this time Learn Hacking has brought some Facebook Hacks for you. In this post I will teach you how to do the following in FaceBook Chat : make text Bold , Italics , Underline. The code to do all this is given ...Read More

How to make your computer speak/talk whatever you type

Hey guyz Learn Hacking is back again with something new as usual. I hope you liked my Batch Programming Tutorial Series. Though its not over but right now I am going to make a post about something off topc. Apart from the Batch Programming ...Read More