Remove Recycle Bin From Desktop

Have you ever tried deleting recycle bin from your desktop?

I yes, then I am sure you might have failed. In this post I will Tell You how can you Delete Recycle Bin from Desktop Steps to get rid of Recycle Bin From Desktop.

Just follow the steps and Enjoy the Hack

1. Go to start, Run, Type “gpedit.msc” (Type without quotes)

2. On the left panel, under User Configuration expand the tree Administrative templates

3. Click on the subtree desktop (single click, do not expand it)

4. On the right panel, Select the option-Remove Recycle Bin icon from desktop properties

5. Double click the option, on the settings tab just select the option enabled, press OK & exit the window.

6. Refesh the desktop (press F5), Your Recycle Bin vanishous. If not you need to logout and then re-login.

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