Learn Hacking Level 2 begins

Hey Guys… It has been a month that we at Learn Hacking posted anything new.

That’s Because we were busy preparing Learn Hacking Level 2 for you.

Now what is Learn Hacking Level 2?

Let me give you more clarification on the topic.

Earlier we aimed to Provide Ethical Hacking knowledge for only newbies and kiddies but now due to regular interaction on our Fb Fan page with our Fans, we know that they all are clear with the basics so we planned out to start the Level 2 of Ethical Hacking.

Now what will that aim at?
We aim to provide advanced Ethical Hacking knowledge to our Fans so that they can protect themselves from more severe Hacking attacks and exploits.

We would be discussing about different kinds  of exploits and vulnerabilities about many softwares and even the use of metasploit.
We intend to provide you the in depth knowledge of all the topics of Ethical Hacking So That you can Protect yourself and feel secure in this unsecure world of internet..;-)

From the next post onwards, we would be discussing about level 2.. 

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