July 25,2012: The Day for Free Ethical Hacking Workshop

Tomorrow is the day for the Budding Hackers. Tomorrow is the Day for the Free Ethical Hacking Workshop by LearnHacking.in . A lot of people have messaged us regarding the workshop like How is the workshop going to be conducted , How to participate in the workshop , How to fulfill the eligibility criteria for the workshop , What are the topics that are going to be covered in the Free Ethical Hacking Workshop and we are going to answer all the questions in this post.

Note:- Networker Mind is our prime sponsor for this workshop. if you want to Learn Ethical Hacking in Gurgaon , Cisco Training in Gurgaon and much more then Networker Mind is the best institute to learn for you. They would be giving away many prizes tomorrow. Don’t miss them.

Learn Hacking in Gurgaon | Cisco Training Institute in Gurgaon

Learn Hacking in Gurgaon | Cisco Training Institute in Gurgaon

Ques:- Is it an online workshop?
Ans:- Yes it is an online workshop.

Ques:- Where will the workshop be conducted?
Ans:- The workshop is going to be conducted on http://learnhacking.in/forum/under the workshops section.

Ques:- What will be the workshop timings?
Ans:- The workshop will be conducted From 9:00 pm (according to +5:30 GMT) tomorrow and will run for as long as the topics are not covered. We are keeping a time of 3 hours officially but we can extend the workshop timings if required. We are keeping it flexible but it will start exactly at 9 pm according to +5:30 GMT.

Ques:-  How will we conduct the workshop?
Ans:- As per the request of students attending the workshop, we have finalized some topics and prepared articles and tutorials on the same. It would be a direct one on one discussion in which we will try to teach you and answer each and every question asked by the students. We will begin with the basics of hacking and cover topics upto advance level hacking.

Ques:- Can you request your topics for the workshop now?
Ans:- Yes, we have kept some spare time to cover the topics on demand ie.. you may request a few topics either now or at the time of the workshop. Though it won’t be possible to cover each and every topic requested now but we will try to cover the maximum topics we can.

Ques:- Is that all?
Ans:- No, our sponsor Networker Mind has planned to give a special gift to each and every student attending the complete workshop. If you have a great interest to Learn Hacking, the workshop is surely the best thing that will happen for you. You really don’t have to pay a single penny and you are getting immense knowledge and many many exciting prizes by Networker Mind.

About Networker Mind:- Networker mind is an institute offering Many Cisco , Checkpoint, Ethical Hacking , Microsoft , Computer Hardware and Coding courses in Gurgaon. The institute is one of the Best Institute to Learn Ethical Hacking in Gurgaon. Even the Cisco courses offered by Networker Mind are commendable.

Ques:- What is the eligibility Criteria for the workshop?
Ans:- You have to do the following to attend the workshop.

And that’s it. You are now eligible for the Free Ethical Hacking Workshop. Just be on time tomorrow and become a part of the Free Online Ethical Hacking Workshop.


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