How to make your computer speak/talk whatever you type

Hey guyz Learn Hacking is back again with something new as usual. I hope you liked my Batch Programming Tutorial Series. Though its not over but right now I am going to make a post about something off topc. Apart from the Batch Programming Series.

Actually the problem started when I started working on a new project. I had to learn many new things for that and had to read continuously for 5-6 hours sitting infront of my computer. Its a very tiring process and it really had a bad affect on my eye sight. I wished that someone could just read all that for me, the other moment the thought came in my mind that , why can’t my computer speak it up for me. And with a little research I came across something very interesting.

In this post I am going to tell you guyz how to make your computer speak whatever you type… Sounds interesting?

Well read on.. The process is very simple.

This method takes advantage of a built-in API installed on most Windows XP machines called SAPI (Speech Application Programming Interface).

The Microsoft Speech API is used for the Narrative accessibility feature built into Windows. We can also write programs that call the API, which would allow you to let our computer/laptop speak.

Making your computer say what you want is pretty easy actually!

Here’s how you do it:

1) Open Notepad and type/paste the following text into a new document:

Dim message, sapi
message=InputBox(“Enter the text you want spoken”,”Speak This”)
Set sapi=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)
sapi.Speak message

How to make your computer speak | Computer Hacking | Learn Ethical Hacking | How to Hack

2) Now when you go to save the file, give it any name, but make sure you also type .VBS after the name. Also, for the Save as type box, choose All files instead of the default Text Documents.

How to make your computer speak | Computer Hacking | Learn Ethical Hacking | How to Hack

3) After doing this, just run the script. You will come across a box as shown below. Type anything you want in there and have fun. Tho the default voice is quite funny but its fun. Now show this to your friends or just play a prank with them:-P

How to make your computer speak | Computer Hacking | Learn Ethical Hacking | How to Hack

Note:- In  my view this works only with windows XP. If it works on any other version of windows, do let me know:)

This uses default Windows Narrator functionalities. (Again in XP).You can activiate this from

“Accessories –> Accessibility –> Narrator”

If you want to change the voice, you can download it from microsoft site and then can change it from

“Control Pannel –> Switch to Classical View –> Speech”.

You can also set frequency from here. Also, you can use this control in your programming and get it read by your computer whatever you want.

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