How to know if the web server is Windows or Linux based

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The topic itself is self explanatory :- How to know if the web server is Windows or Linux based

Well This is something you won’t find on any other website.

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Its very easy to take on a system if you know the operating system of the server.

Well this is something learn’t from practical experience.

Just follow the given steps:-

1) Goto the link below and find the IP Address of the website you want to gather information about. You may do this by writing its name in the Get IP box

(This step was optional just to tell you that it can be done this way also):-P

2)Goto run->type CMD

IN CMD type

ping Target _Website_Name . For Eg- ping


ping target_website/computer_ip_address . For Eg:-

Now you will see several ping requests coming

Ping Google Server

Ping Google Server

We Are interested in seeing the TTL time which you can see at the end of each request in ping.


1) If TTL <64 then the server is Linux based

2) If TTL>64 but <128 then the server is Windows bsaed

3) TTL>128 Mac and others.

From the above screenshot, it is clear that the servers of google are linux based.

Note:- In some Cases you may not get ping replies ( Eg. you try it on your friend’s PC ). Now This can have two reasons, The server is down ie.. The machine is not connected to internet. Else the most common reason, The Firewall is protecting that PC and is not allowing your request to access that system.

Same thing may happen in case of some websites as well, Reason is same.

Caution:- If you are trying this on your friends machine then do not enter the local IP address like

Ask him to goto and check the IP address from there.

First I thought of making this post with screen-shots but then I was too tired to do that. But I guess I have made the post very simple and understandable with just one screen shot.

Still if you have any queries , just leave a comment here and if many people request, I’l put the same with screen-shots.

NOTE:- Don’t try it with your own IP address as the results may be inaccurate on your own machine.

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