How to Hide / Change IP Address with Proxy / VPN

In this post of Learn Hacking, we are going to discuss on the importance of Hiding IP Address with Proxy / Pro VPN and its Importance. We often get queries on does changing IP Address really play a crucial role in ones Online Security and can protect one from getting hacked. In this post, we are going to answer the same.

What is the Benefit of Changing / Hiding your IP Address?

Well IP Address is one’s Identity on the Internet. To know more about IP Address please read: What is IP Address | How to Find IP Address

If by any change your PC is hacked already and the attacker has left a backdoor or trojan on your computer, whenever you are online with your IP address, he will get a notification and can do whatever he wants in your computer or outside your computer with your IP Address. There have been a few cyber security cases in the past where the attacker put a backdoor on a victims PC and hacked other people using the Victims PC. This in turn resulted in the victim being investigated by the Cyber Security officials for the attack. So its imperative to change / Hide your IP Address.

In case you do so, the victim won’t be able to use the backdoor installed in your machine and all his hacking attacks would go into vain.

There is one more reason I recommend using a VPN / Premium Proxy server over the internet. Whenever you are visiting a website, they tend to get your IP address in their logs and hence your location and a lot of other information about you. With the help of IP history and cookies, a lot is revealed about you over the web than you actually know. And when people have a lot of information about you without you knowing, its much easier to fool you with the help of Ads and other targeting medium. This also plays a major role in DNS poisoning, Social Engineering and Phishing Attacks. So to protect yourself from getting hacked or getting into any kind of trouble Online, you need to Hide / Change your IP Address.

There are various tools available Online to Change / Hide IP Address but the best of those is Hide My Ass Pro VPN. When we say Best, we are not over positioning the product but it is something it deserves. We started testing various VPN’s and looked at various aspects of all of them including Speed, Security, availability in every country, Ease to use and Value for money. Let us explain you importance of each of these one by one:

Speed: The Speed of proxy / Pro VPN Plays a crucial role in your product usage and browsing experience. Even if you are on a high speed Internet but the proxy speed is slow you are going to get a hard time use the product.

Security: Some companies might share the proxy IP that is assigned to you with many other people and their encryption is week. Its better to avoid those Proxies as rather than securing you, they make you more vulnerable.

Availability of Any Country: Its a very important part of proxies to offer you IP’s of different countries so that you keep on shifting your location and become untraceable / unhackable.

Ease to use: The VPN should be easy to use so that anyone who wishes to use it can easily use it.

Value for Money: The VPN should be really cost effective so that being secure online does not hurt your pocket much.

Keeping all this in mind, we were looking for the perfect Pro VPN solution for our readers and came across HMA Pro VPN or Hide My Ass Pro VPN / Proxy Service which was exactly what we were looking for. Its fast, secure, available in 75+ Countries, has over 79000+ IP Addresses and comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and all this priced at just $7.99 per month on monthly billing and $4.99 per month on annual which is like a very affordable price considering the benefits it brings in.

We tried the product for over 2 months before recommending it to our readers and its 30 day money back guarantee makes it a no-brainer deal for everyone. So what are you waiting for… Visit Hide My Ass and start using the product today.

PS: If you don’t like it, you can always get your money back with their 30 day refund policy. No Questions asked.

Let us know how you liked this post and what all would you want us to write about in the next post. Happy to hear feedback in comments.

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