How to Edit Text Style in FaceBook Chat

Hey guyz, this time Learn Hacking has brought some Facebook Hacks for you.
In this post I will teach you how to do the following in FaceBook Chat : make text Bold , Italics , Underline.
The code to do all this is given below.
For making the text Bold

  • type your words between * *(two stars ) will automatically turns into bold.
  • Example : You write
    Learn to *hack*
    will turns to
    Learn to hack
For underlined Text
  • type between _ _(two underscores) will automatically turns into underlined text
  • Example:
Learn Hacking  _rocks_ .
Turns to
Learn Hacking rocks.
For writing Bold+Underline
  • Whatever you type between *_ _* will automatically turns into Bold+Underline
  • Example:
You *_love_* hacking?
Turns to
You love hacking?
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  1. adithya

    Jul 27. 2011


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  2. Rafiabbas

    Aug 20. 2011

    i would like to know more…..

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  3. noobhacker

    Dec 20. 2012

    It isn’t working
    has this beeen removed :??

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