How to Become a Hacker

Hey Hackers, in this post of Learn Hacking we are going to answer one of the most often asked questions by beginners ie.. How to become a Hacker. Most of us dream to become the best hackers of the world but don’t know how to achieve our aim. I am going to help you with the same.
In this post I am not going to tell you anything new but share my experience, I am just going to tell what are the things I followed to become what I am today, to achieve what I have.

First of all, let me tell you, the most important thing that you need to become a hacker is determination. When I started there was no established website, no reliable source to Learn Hacking. Its just a game of experimentation and practice. Practical knowledge matters much more than theoretical knowledge.

I had no idea of How to Become a Hacker, there was no one to learn from , no one to ask for guidance. My parents used to say – “Hacker! ahh , don’t do anything wrong”. But the will to become a hacker never ended.

So here is what I did and will suggest every aspiring Hacker to do, this is the mantra to become a good hacker – “Learn Yourself”. Self Study is the key.

Now let me just tell you how can you do that. What should you do to Become a Hacker.

Just Follow the steps:-

1) Just search for Ethical Hacking Syllabus or the topics any good Ethical Hacking institute teaches.

2) Start with topic one and keep exploring the topic until you gain full confidence in the topic.

3) Move to the next topic and complete the syllabus.

4) Use your knowledge practically and try to solve every problem yourself without the help of anyone.

5) Once you know how to implement your knowledge practically, ah.. You are already a hacker..:P

Three things you should remenber when Beginning to Learn Hacking.

1) Never Give up

2) Try to leave backdoors once you get on the server

3) Be Anonymous

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