How Hackers Hack and How to Protect Yourself

Hey Readers, It has been over 2 years that I wrote something on Learn Hacking as I was occupied with a lot of work but I feel like I should continue my passion and I am back with more fresh information about hacking and would be regular from now on.

A lot has been changed in the Hacking / Ethical Hacking world in the last 2 years so I thought it would be a good point to start with – “How Hackers Hack and How to Protect Yourself

Well, Hacking is an art. But Mostly there are only 2 ways in which a Hacker can hack you. It can either be a Server Side attack or a Client Side attack ie.. You can get hacked either because the hacker got a way to get into the web Server because of Website Security loop hole  like SQL Injection, XSS attack etc or Client Side Hacking Techniques like Phishing, Social Engineering Etc.

How Hackers Hack | How to Protect from Hackers

How Hackers Hack | How to Protect from Hackers

The Attack on the Web Server can again be either direct or remote ie.. One can just come open handedly and attack your web server or can use TOR, Proxies, Remote Servers or VPN to get into your server.

So, how do we protect ourselves?

Well the steps are very simple.

How to Prevent Client Side Attacks:

  • Always Keep your PC Virus Free / Trojan free. Use Licensed Antivirus / Firewalls for it.
  • Always keep a Strong password and DON’T Keep the same password for all your sites.
  • Always beware of Phishing attacks and always check the URL and https security while entering your username and password on any website
  • Always keep your operating system up to date

How to Prevent Server Side Attacks:

  • Install Firewall on your Web Server
  • Secure your site for all kind of Web Attacks like XSS, SQLi, RFI and more.
  • Limit the number of password attempts for cpanel as its easily prone to SQLi
  • If you are using any framework on your website, always keep it up to date
  • Don’t use nulled themes / plugins as most of them have malicious codes added to them.

And one of the Best Recommendations I have is to Hide your IP Address so if you are browsing Online, no one exactly knows from where you are trying to access the information so you would never be at risk.

Would be writing a detailed article on -“How to Hide IP Address and its Importance” in the next article.

Till then stay tuned. Our goal is to spread awareness to that you can protect yourself in the insecure world of Internet.

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