How Hackers Changed the World | History of Hacking

Hey Hackers! in this post of Learn Hacking, I am not bringing any new tutorial or trick for you but I am bringing out the truth of Hackers. How the Hackers changed the world and What is their actual contribution to the society.

When the term Hacker comes into Picture, many people get scared as the evil picture comes into their mind. They think that a hacker is going to hack their email or bank account or they are going to face severe loss of information and data, but this is not so. A few black hat hackers who misused their knowledge have made people think so however this is not the reality of Hackers, this is not what a Hacker really is.

People often come and say – “I am a hacker, I can hack any email account” and stuff like that, sounds really kiddish to me. They don’t know who a hacker really is and they call themselves a hacker. For a moment lets just forget about Blackhat and Whitehat or any other categorization of hackers.

Lets start from the beginning, How Hacking started?

What led to the birth of Hackers?

Any idea?

Well you are about to know.

It all started with video games, the early beginning of computers when people used computers just to perform calculations or play very small games, this new machine and its working generated curiosity in the minds of people and they wanted to learn more about it, when learnt they wanted to make it better. Then people like Bill Gates and many others mastered the concept and started improving them and the result is infront of  us, yes your computer. Its the curiosity to Learn New things that led to the birth of Hackers (No harm in this I guess). Proved to be a boon for all of us.

The main aim of Hackers at that time was to gain respect of other Hackers, to prove that they have superior knowledge than others. A hacker is actually someone who has mastered in his/ her field and can develop its hack ie.. make it better. Even if you find an exploit in a software or break into it, its also going to benefit the software as that Exploit is going to get removed from it in the next update.

Now the Next generation came when after the hardware improvement it was the time for softwares and websites. Hackers had machines in their hands but wanted to make the best use of it, as a result they made many softwares and made many new innovations. Most of us have hear about one coding language or the other but have you ever wondered who thought about having a standardized Coding language or platform to perform a particular task? Well now you got the answer.

We all also use Linux and even Backtrack, Ever wondered how Linux was developed? It was developed as an opensource on Hacking forums. That’s why is still free and is so secure that many companies and even the biggest web servers use it.

Ah.. This is just the beginning. Lets come to the websites thing, people designed websites and developed them on various platforms but who would have taken care of website’s security. People gained immense knowledge about web servers. Internet was the next big thing. It was the age of static websites, trust me, static websites are much more hard to hack than dynamic websites. And only people with immense knowledge of web servers could hack them. So if someone was able to break into any website at that time, he was actually a web server expert.

Things don’t end here, as the process of learning never ends, the hackers have become smarter with time.

So what separates a Good Hacker from a Bad Hacker or What differentiated between a blackhat hacker and a Whitehat Hacker, well its their deeds.

Obviously when you have immense knowledge of anything you can both use and misuse it. If you use it wisely, you become a hacker else you become a cracker.

Then came several more categorizations depending upon the level you can hack, but they don’t matter much.

The main reason of me writing this post was to tell you Who a Hacker actually is.

In the present era when people consider Hacking Facebook account or email account as hacking, never forget the roots, How Hacking Started. Hacking will always lead to progress and development if used wisely, but in the end its you who is to decide how you want to use your knowledge.

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