Free Ethical Hacking Workshop : July 25,2012

Learn Hacking again have a reason to smile. is back with a Free Ethical Hacking Online Workshop. This time its going to be bigger and better than the previous ones.

As our Facebook Fans are very well aware of this event. This is out Sixth Workshop. This time we wanted to make it really big so we are taking it From our site’s fan page to our sites forum or what we call the Ethical Hacking Forum so that its reach becomes more..
This time also we would be teaching and discussing various aspects of Ethical Hacking as always.

Who should attend this workshop:-
Anyone Who is Interested in knowing more about Computer Security and Ethical Hacking. It doesn’t matter if you are a Computer Expert or a newbie, This workshop will have something for all.

Topics to be covered:- Anything and everything you request before 25 July 2011..
Where to request the topics?
Well Read on.. It is given at the end.
We Need 5 days to write blog posts about the topics you request.

Rules/ Eligibility criteria:-
Who can attend the workshop:-

Well you just have to do 3 things to attend the workshop.
1) Subscribe to

2) Send Invite to this event to all your FaceBook friends and share its link on your Fb wall as well. Below is the link to the Facebook Event.

3)Like the Fan page of Learn Hacking ie..

4)Follow Learn Hacking on Twitter

5) Open Learn Hacking forum :-

and on the wall comment under the Workshop 25,july 2012
eg…” Alex – I am attending the Ethical Hacking Workshop”

NOTE:- All the above points will be verified before letting you attend the workshop.

How to Request the topics you want us to cover:-
1) Goto

2) Post the topics ou want us to cover on the forum
3) We have decided some topics from our end as well.

And that’s it.
You just have to spare 5 minutes and fulfill the eligibility criteria.
You don’t have to pay us anything. Its 100% free of cost.

Note:- We will give you the provision to attend the event/ workshop only when you fulfill all the requirements ie.. the eligibility criteria.

For any queries, feel free to ask on our Forum:

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