Free Ethical Hacking Workshop For All:- Fulfill Elegibility Criteria

Hey guys, is back with another “Free Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking
for all”.
As our Facebook Fans are very well aware of this event. This is our Fourth Workshop. This time we wanted to make it really big so we are taking it From our site’s fan page to our sites forum so that its reach becomes more..
This time also we would be teaching and discussing various aspects of Ethical Hacking as always.

Who should attend this workshop:-

Anyone Who is Interested in knowing more about Computer Security and Ethical Hacking. It doesn’t matter if you are a Computer Expert or a newbie, This workshop will have something for all.

Topics to be covered:-

Anything and everything you request before 22 June 2011.. Please don’t ask for any black hat hacking tricks or such stuff. We Deal only with White Hat hacking.

Where to request the topics?
Well Read on.. It is given at the end.
We Need 4 days to write blog posts about the topics you request.

Rules/ Eligibility criteria:-
Who can attend the workshop:-

Well you just have to do 5 things to attend the workshop.
1) Subscribe to
2) Send Invite to this event to all your FaceBook friends and share its link on your Fb wall as well.

3)Like the Fan page of Learn Hacking ie..

4) Follow Learn Hacking on twitter

2) Open Learn Hacking forum ie.. and under the topic named “Free Ethical Hacking Workshop” dated 26 June 2011 mark your attendance ie… write your name stating you are attending the workshop.
eg…” Alex – I am attending the Ethical Hacking Workshop”

NOTE:- All the above points will be verified before letting you attend the workshop.

How to Request the topics you want us to cover:-
1) Goto
2) under the section “Free Ethical Hacking Workshop” goto the section “Request the topics you want us to cover” and request anything you want there.
3) We have decided some topics from our end as well.

And that’s it.
You just have to spare 5 minutes and fulfill the eligibility criteria.
You don’t have to pay us anything. Its 100% free of cost.

Note:- I will give you the provision to attend the event/ workshop only when you fulfill all the requirements ie.. the eligibility criteria.

This workshop is powered by innobuzz


The best part of the workshop, we have very often discussed about the vulnerability / loophole in FaceBook security with our Friends.
We Will be discussing it in Detail. We will tell you how can any of your friend Hack your FaceBook account in less than 10 minutes and will also tell you the way to protect yourself..

Note:- The timings of the workshop are 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm on 26 June 2011 ( according to +5:30 GMT). Convert it into your respective timezone and make sure you don’t miss this event..:-)

For any queries, feel free to ask.. Either on Fan page or on Forum (

So what are you waiting for, Get Started now..

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  1. srikanth

    May 22. 2011

    is this an online workshop?

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  2. vaibhav

    Sep 01. 2011

    how to hack

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  3. dre

    Nov 20. 2011

    is the workshop closed?when will there be next workshop?

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