Ethical Hacking Syllabus: Beginner Level

Almost Everyone visiting this website wants to become a great Hacker but doesn’t know where to start. Even you might be willing to do the same. Do you have the same questions in mind like I used to have when I started to Learn Hacking. The biggest problem I faced was not having a dedicated Ethical Hacking syllabus or beginner Level Ethical Hacking Syllabus. I used to have many questions in my mind like –

  • Where should I start to Learn Hacking
  • What should I do to become a Hacker
  • What are the steps to be followed to become a hacker
  • Are there any pre-requisites to become a Hacker
  • From where did all these Pro Hackers Learn all this cool Stuff

And many more questions. But I never had an answer to them in the beginning. Well I don’t want the fans of Learn Hacking to face the same issues. You should stop asking questions to yourself like :-

And get started with the Hands on training.

In the previous post of Learn Hacking we told you How to Become a Hacker. Always remember one thing, no one can only motivate you or teach you the basics. Its your will power and practical experience that will help you become an expert Ethical Hacker or I must say a Cyber Security Expert. I like to be called a Cyber Security Expert rather than a Hacker (Personal Choice).

So back to the topic, before moving any further I would like to make one thing very clear. Don’t just rush and start with the basic.

In this post of Learn Hacking we are Going to tell you – Ethical Hacking Syllabus : Beginners Level .

Don’t just rush to learn everything at once. Just start from the beginning of this syllabus and move topic by topic. Pick up one topic and search every bit of it on internet. Google is your best friend for that.  Once you feel that you are done with one topic and confident about your knowledge about that topic, then get practical knowledge regarding the same. Once everything is done, move to the next topic.

So here is the Ethical Hacking Syllabus for you. This is also the Cyber Security Syllabus , beginners level ofcourse.


  •  1 – Introduction
  •  2 – Networking & Basics
  •  3 – Foot Printing
  •  4 – Google Hacking
  •  5 – Scanning
  •  6 – Windows Hacking
  •  7 – Linux Hacking
  •  8 – Trojans & Backdoors
  •  9 – Virus & Worms
  •  10 – Proxy & Packet Filtering
  •  11 – Denial of Service
  •  12 – Sniffer
  •  13 – Social Engineering
  •  14 – Physical Security
  •  15 – Steganography
  •  16 – Cryptography
  •  17 – Wireless Hacking
  •  18 – Firewall & Honeypots
  •  19 – IDS & IPS
  •  20 – Vulnerability
  •  21 – Penetration Testing
  •  22 – Session Hijacking
  •  23 – Hacking Web Servers
  •  24 – SQL Injection
  •  25 – Cross Site Scripting
  •  26 – Exploit Writing
  •  27 – Buffer Overflow
  •  28 – Reverse Engineering
  •  29 – Email Hacking
  •  30 – Incident Handling & Response
  •  31 – Bluetooth Hacking
  •  32 – Mobile Phone Hacking

I hope it Helps. Don’t forget to leave your comments or ask for doubts if any.

Use this knowledge wisely and for good only.
Learn Hacking won’t be responsible for and damage or illicit activity caused by any person reading this post. Please read our Disclaimer for more.


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