Ethical Hacking | Pen Testing as a Career in India

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Hey guys! today Learn Hcking has brought a very hot and in-demand topic for everyone out here.

Review : Ethical Hacking as a Profession / Career in India.

Well I have received many queries asking if Ethical Hacking | Penetration Testing is a good option as a career or not. In India , the most common question among youngsters – ” Will I get a placement or not?
This post has an answer for all of them.:)

Some common questions along with their answers are given below.


Ques:- What is the need of becoming an Ethical Hacker / White Hat Hacker?

Ans:- Well In today’s world when cracking is at its peak, no one is secure on internet. To balance up things , we need to have White Hat Hackers who protect the world from these malicious attacks and make it a better place to live.
The more Black Hat Hackers / Crackers are there , the more will be the need for White Hat Hackers to protect us.

I don’t feel that the number of BlackHat Hackers is ever going to decrease, which ultimately means that the need of WhiteHat hackers is also always going to increase, which paves the way of an Ethical Hacker as a full time profession.

Ques:- What is the next step After I am a Certified Ethical Hacker?

Ans:- There are two things which you can do primarily after becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker.
1)  Look up for a good job and work in a company
2) Open up your Ethical Hacking firm and provide Security solutions to Companies | Individuals | Anyone in need.

Ques:- How much can I earn as a Ethical Hacker | White Hat Hacker?

Ans:- The payscale of an Ethical Hacker is actually quite good keeping in mind , the demand and the individuals available.
An average Ethical Hacker | White Hat Hacker also earns more than a software developer , designer or any average B.Tech student.
The Chart below shows you the payscale in India clearly.

Ethical Hacking as a career | White Hat Hacking | Ethical Hacker Payscale

Ethical Hacking as a career | White Hat Hacking | Ethical Hacker Payscale

Impressed aren’t you.??

Well That’s not all.
Do remember that this demand for Ethical Hackers | White Hat Hackers is not going to decrease in the coming time.

Overall Get Review Rates Ethical Hacking as a Career | Profession as :- Very Good

Course Fee:- Low
Career Scope:- Very Good
Payscale :- Good,Very Good

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