Ethical Hacking Forum Official Launch –

Hey guyz, as we already told our Fb Fans that we were working on the Ethical Hacking Forum for our site Learn Hacking. We are very happy to announce that our Ethical Hacking Forum

is officially live.

You may visit it by clicking the tab “Forum” at the top of the site or may open it by visiting

So just wanted to introduce you guyz with the forum and tell you some of its features.

This forum is the right place for you guyz to chat with hackers from all over the world and share your knowledge. You can ask for download link of any software , Game, Serial , Cheat Code and many more things and their download links would be provided to you ( NOTE:- You must agree our terms and conditions for that as mentioned in forum introduction).

You can ask for any hot topic you want to start and it would be started on your special demand.

Except all these things, you would be having your personal profile in the forum , You would be rated on the basis of your overall performance, the number of posts and comments you make and how much people like you, You will also ve able to send and recieve personal messages in the forum. So I can sum up this forum as a small social networking site for Ethical Hackers.

Forum has several Categories Like – Beginners Hacking , Advance Hacking , Server Side Hacking , Website Hacking , Coding , Windows Hacking and much more.

And it is just the beginning. The forum has much more to offer, but let the actions speak rather than words. Visit yourself and check it out.

But only registered users are allowed to use it for safety point of view. I am sure this is going to be a place where you would be spending more time of yours than you spend on Facebook:p

Now I want you guyz to Help Me Setup the topics in forum. Just tell me the most healthy topics for according to you guyz and they would be there:)

Now enjoy Learning. if you want more then make sure you subscribe to Learn Hacking.:)

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