Enable Telnet in Vista

Most of you are familiar with the telnet command. It is one of the well known Windows IP Utilities. In fact the telnet command is most important for sending a fake email which i have discussed in my previous post. If you are using Windows XP the telnet command is available by default.But if you use Windows Vista the telnet command is disabled by default.

So when you try to use the telnet command in Windows Vista you get the following error message.

‘telnet’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file.

You get this error in Vista because unlike XP, Vista does not support telnet command by default. So, for this you have to manually enable/turn on the telnet feature in Vista.

Here’s the step by step procedure to enable telnet feature (telnet command) in Windows Vista.

1. Goto the Control Panel.

2. Click on the sub heading Uninstall a program under the main heading Programs

NOTE: IF you are in the Classic View click on Programs and Features.

3. Now in the left panel under the Tasks select the option Turn Windows features on or off.

4. Now a new window opens. In the new window select the following

Telnet Client
Telnet Server (optional)

5. After selecting click on OK.

Now wait for few minutes till the telnet feature is installed. Once the telnet feature is installed you can goto the command prompt and use the telnet command. System restart is not required.

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