Cisco Certification Exam Requirements for Unified Contact Center Express

A powerful and reliable customer response environment is a crucial component of organizational success. Businesses in all industries and sectors of the job market are therefore in need of IT professionals capable of addressing the unique needs of their client services and account management activities.


Formal validation of your skill set in CiscoUnifiedContactCenter is one of the best ways to show you have the ability to design, implement and administrate a functional and efficient customer-focused client services center.

The Cisco certification exam on Deploying Cisco Unified Contact Center Express v4.0 (642-165

) measures candidate’s ability to map the technical features of Contact Center Express to meet business requirements. Candidates are also able to demonstrate their capacity planning capabilities and skills in selecting the appropriate configuration and reporting options for the unique business needs of a client or customer.

In addition to demonstrating these crucial skills, the 642-165 exam also allows you to showcase your skills and abilities in installing, integrating and establishing application interfaces for the Contact Center Express. The 642-165 Cisco certification exam provides validation of operational knowledge and skills as well, including troubleshooting, monitoring, backup procedures and licensing practices.

As the 642-165 exam requires a firm grasp of all aspects of the Contact Center Express product, including everything from the design to daily operations monitoring phases, you’ll need to adequately prepare before sitting for your test. Utilizing a good exam prep package like those offered by is recommended for success.


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