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Free Ethical Hacking Workshop For All:- Fulfill Elegibility Criteria

Hey guys, http://learnhacking.in is back with another “Free Ethical Hacking for all”. As our Facebook Fans are very well aware of this event. This is our Fourth Workshop. This time we wanted to make it really big so we are taking it From our ...Read More

How to sniff Passwords using USB Drive

Anyone can steal stored passwords from any computer and that too by using your USB drive. Can’t believe! Read on.. As we all know, Windows stores most of the passwords which are used on a daily basis, including instant messenger passwords such as MSN, Yahoo, ...Read More

Change XP product Key

This trick will show you how to change Windows XP product key without re-installing the operating system. This makes it possible to install a new genuine key without the need to format and re-install your Windows XP. 1. Goto start menu, run, type regedit ...Read More