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Hey Hackers! Learn Hacking is back with something new as usual for you guys. We have had numerous requests from various hackers across the globe to release a comprehensive guide which has all the latest hacks in one place. There were 2 problems that almost everyone who contacted us mentioned. Firstly, the information was not of that great quality. There were no 0 day exploits or tricks that no one knew anywhere, like the latest facebook hacks, latest metasploit exploits or similar information that was limited to a very few number of people. Secondly whatever information was available, it was scattered at different places / websites.

So we finally had a word with our hacker friends across the globe, spent a couple of months designing the book structure and finally came up with a book which we can confidently call as one of the most comprehensive Ethical Hacking books across the globe. A book which covers everything from the basics to the most advance level of Ethical Hacking and thus we are happy to bring “The Book of Hackers | Best Ethical Hacking Book” for you.. We designed its course curriculum such that it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner in hacking, someone with intermediate knowledge or someone with advance ethical hacking skills, this book will have a lot of new things to learn for everyone.

Best Ethical Hacking Book | Book of Hackers

Best Ethical Hacking Book | Book of Hackers

Not only this. We know that hacking is all about practical knowledge, not theory so with this book, we are offering setup of all the software and tools used in this book for hacking. So you can try as you learn and start hacking right away.

Not only this, there are people who are already hacked and don’t know about it. You might also be one of them. Learn the darkest secrets of Hackers, how they can hack you and take all your private information and also learn to protect yourself from the same. Its like, when you know how you are going to get hacked, you can take all your necessary precautions and also, just in case you are already hacked, you will still learn how to get free from the same.

Have any other queries, feel free to contact us anytime for more.

So what are you waiting for, get your very own copy of The Book of Hackers and learn to become a pro-hacker or protect yourself from getting hacked today.

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