Batch File That Pops up with repeating messages

Hey guyz I hope you are enjoying my Batch Programming Series.

Before reading this post make sure you read my previous post you read my previous posts. You will get to know many posts about Batch Programmin. My first post What is Batch Programming And Need For It and the second one Learn Batch Programming Commands.

Now in this post we are going to make a batch file that pop ups with repeating message boxes.

below is the code for it.

msg * Hi
msg * Are you having fun?
msg * I am!
msg * The admin of!
msg * since you are stuck reading
msg * I am gonna teach you
msg * Batch Programming series
msg * Did you learn anything new
msg * and are you enjoying it
msg * if yes then do subscribe
msg *
to learn hacking
msg * the fastest growing ethical hacking site
msg * on net
msg * and you know what
msg * you have been P-w-n-e-d with a capital “P”

See, its as simple as that. I am sure you might have understood. Now you can use this and irritate your friends or can play this trick anywhere you like.

Now share this information and enjoy Learning Ethical Hacking.

And make sure you subscribe to Learn Hacking. :)

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